Coto travel experience

  • Co To Island in Quang Ninh province, close to the port of Cai Rong usually about 3 hours by train. Island Co also hidden charm visitors by pristine beaches with white sand and blue water. Co To Island still many wild features, the beach of clear water, fine sand, underdeveloped service. you can spend 2-3 days to explore the island is still very new to this. The most beautiful time of the latter is the summer, from April to September in about 3 weekends with costs reach 1,200,000 VND / person.
    From Hanoi buses go Cam Pha, Cua Ong at My Dinh bus station and Luong Yen. Price 200,000 VND / trip. Travel time is about 4 hours. From here catch the bus to the port of Cai Rong. Stay one night at the lodge near the port for early morning travel by boat to the island Coto.
    There are two types of ships to the island: High speed train departs at 13h the day of week, time of 90 minutes, costs around 135,000 VND / way / person. Timber ship departs daily at 6:30 from the harbor to the island and 13h from the island, the hotel is just enough runs, to Co-range 3 hours.
    Go back on the island: Motorcycle rent 200,000 VND / day, bike or motorcycle taxi, taxi.
    1. Moving Vehicles
    From Hanoi, buses go Cam Pha and Cua Ong at My Dinh bus station and bus station Luong Yen. Price 200,000 VND / trip.
    Automakers go best Vietnam Thanh Hoang Long and Kumho (My Dinh bus station, new 45-seat vehicle, starting 15 minutes / Huanglong car and 30 minutes / car trip with Kumho Vietnam Thanh).
    There were other flights of the company as Defu, Phuc Xuyen, Vietnam Thanh (24 passenger cars, pick-up routine). Time from Hanoi to Cua Ong 4 hours.
    Nga Ba Van Don (Bai Chay) is a cruise down the Hanoi-Co. Go here, you catch the local bus Sea "The Dragon" to go Cai Rong. If you take the bus you ask for down in Post Office Van Don. From this location, about 1.5 km further to reach Cai Rong. You can ride or walk to immediately embrace the port to rest for the next morning to go aboard Cai Rong.
    Speedboat: Depart at 13h30 on weekdays 13h00- - time of 90 minutes, the price is 135,000 VND / way / person.
    Timber ships: Tuesday, 5, 7 Days 2 trip (6:30 am, 13:00 pm) - Monday, 4, 6 Day 1 flights, departing in the morning at 6:30. The price of timber ships is 95,000 VND / way / person.
    Note: If you want to Cai Rong to keep up with the morning train to the island, you have to Bai Chay before 17 pm the day before to catch the last bus and stay at The Dragon. This area also many motels, hotels at a cost of 150,000 VND / night.
    Go back on the island Coto you can rent motorbikes for $ 200,000 / day. Otherwise you can use the 2 means that motorbike or taxi.
    Vacation spot
    On the island there are not many motels, mostly because the people themselves should open only simple equipment. District Commissioner Coto guesthouse prices than 200,000 / room. Coto Lodge Hotel prices around VND500,000 / double room. Left the hostel are price range on 200000-300000 VND / room.
    Note: The Grid in Coto Island so far not had much time to run power still cut after 11pm. The hostel is only a fan, no air conditioning. so you should choose the seaside vacation home to enjoy the cool air. On the island guesthouse and hostel World Commission ADD is frequently run a generator so if you can call room reserved here will not suffer power outages throughout the day.
    Point play
    - Go up the lighthouse and a panoramic view Coto Island. Co To Island lighthouse is located at an altitude of more than a hundred meters above sea level, since this can cover the whole island Coto. Visiting lighthouse, need permission to climb the station chief lighthouse.
    - You can rent a self-drive motorcycle, with 200,000 contracts a day to go and visit the island. Biking in Coto
    - Beach rocks Coto, one of the most beautiful islands, where many you choose to take wedding photos.
    - BBQ and camping on the beach is one of the activities most people's favorite
    - Hire a boat to the island for sightseeing Coto children feel the air and unspoiled here. You can rent a boat at the beach asked North Van, the price of a boat is 700,000, each boat carrying about 12 people.
    - North Beach just outside surface remains on the island, from the jetty can find almost 15 km long beach, which runs through to the end of the island. Big wave beaches and has a road running along the Casuarina very beautiful.
    - Hong Yunnan beach 8 km from the town is considered the most beautiful beaches. Pole in the sea here and the blue.
    4. Offers bought
    - You can buy fresh seafood right in the morning goes on. The fishermen on the island often bring new seafood caught in the marina sell it for tourists. Those sales would also boxed and frozen seafood for you so that you can take at home without worrying about broken seafood.
    - If you do not want to buy fresh, you can choose a sunny ink as a gift.
    The food on the island is not rich and many species so if you take large groups, so buy ready to carry. Seafood can be purchased in the market Coto.
    Dinner on the beach many mosquito, bring items to avoid.
    Before boarding the island, you should eat breakfast and take medication to prevent sea seasick.
    The weather is quite cold at night on the island, be sure to bring a warm jacket.
    If camping on the beach, you should choose the place and bring lee flashlight.
    6. The estimated cost for the trip:
    If 2 days 3 night trip, with groups from 6-10 people, the cost per person is approximately 600-800000 copper (excluding money car travel from Hanoi to Cam Pha you lose about 400,000 VND). Specific:
    + Meals + occupancy VND150,000 in Van Don island waiting for the train (1 night) (if applicable in the Van Don).
    + 270.000d vessel Van Don Money - Co - Van Don speedboat (135.000 x 2 respectively) timber ship VND 95,000d / turn x 2 respectively.
    + Prices of rooms on the island of 300,000 to 400,000 from Coto / 2 full utilities.
    + 600,000 meals at Coto (3 days x 4 meals / 100,000 / interest + breakfast BBQ / VND150,000 / interest + breakfast 20,000 / rate).
    + 200,000 motorcycle rental (1 motorcycle / 2 people) remember helmet.
    + If not rented car rental motorcycles from 800.000d- 2,000,000 depending on the route of travel time by car. On the island of Car 16 seats to 30 seats.
    Guests please contact the sales department for advice about tour services:
    HOTLINE: (+84) 789 252525 - 0904 51 51 29
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