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Restaurant service

A25 Hotel Group would like to thank all of our valued customers and supporters. Along with our hotel services, we also provide restaurant service at some of our finest hotels. Our private events can accommodate ... Read more


Conference Room

A25 Hotel Group makes it easy to search for meeting venues, compare rates and availability, submit proposal requests and get all the details right. ... Read more


Coffee 4C Phan Dinh Phung

If you are looking for a sumptuous café that serves fresh fruit and excellent sweet treats in Hanoi, Java Jam Café is your ultimate option. Your taste buds will be satisfied with specialties from Vi ... Read more


Karaoke 60 Tho Nhuom

Enjoy our professional karaoke bar while in Hanoi. Karaoke 60 Tho Nhuom offers you and your family the ultimate pleasure to become professional singers. ... Read more

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