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  • Halong is a tourist destination attracting visitors from everywhere, which has been recognized as a world natural heritage. With domestic visitors often very reasonable traveling summer Halong also with international guests often attractive in winter. But many are now wondering towel you do not know what to prepare when traveling, go like? Eat sleep play where? How to save money and time while traveling a lot. A25 me share to you some notes while traveling Halong
    chia se kinh nghiem di ha long
    Halong travel When?
    Best season for domestic visitors traveling to Ha Long in April cool June weather, not too hot very convenient for sea bathing and sightseeing. From late August and September, tourists should not travel because often cs cyclone, storm or heavy fog in winter.
    Prepare maps, luggage
    In summer, Halong famous beaches sunny and windy. So you should bring
    Sunscreen to avoid damage to the skin. You should also carry repair bath, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste. Especially sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat and pair of cardboard for easy travel.
    Going to the beach you need to prepare clothes, swimsuits very important to your confidence ahead of the crowd with the camera is an indispensable item for Halong has beautiful scenery
    Roadmap and vehicles
    The means and route, there are ways for you to choose custom preferences and conditions. Trains from Hanoi to Ha Long will take about 5 hours to Halong.
    170km from Hanoi Halong takes about 3-4 hours by car. The bus to Halong often concentrated at the My Dinh bus station, Luong Yen. The buses are separated by approximately 5-15 minutes / trip.
    chia se kinh nghiem di vinh ha long
    The best accommodation in Ha Long
    Halong has many hotels from 1 to 3 stars located in the tourist area. Price from 470,000 VND / day. You should go early in the week or midweek to avoid the high room rates. Alternatively, you can rent the inn at around 250,000 VND / day are concentrated in the neighborhood Dao Park.
    Nowadays there are so many Vietnamese choose overnight guests on a scenic cruise on stunning Halong yacht with many activities sunset or sunrise, join kayaking, karaoke, squid ...
    chia se kinh nghiem di ha long
    What to eat food to Halong
    There are plenty of affordable restaurants from budget to luxury to choose when to Halong. Typical for culinary Halong must mention:
    Con Cu Ky: sounding very strange but Cu States with crab-shaped but to 3 times and also quite expensive but very tasty and you'll want to eat more
    Surface Appearance: shaped like crawfish but way more pins. This is a popular dish of tourists
    Sung Sá shaped like earthworm, often dried to alcohol or soup with very fragrant and attractive.
    Grilled squid: Halong impossible to not mention this item. You can buy at the market to have the hot and delicious fresh ink
    chia se kinh nghiem di vinh ha long
    Location amusement, entertainment attractions
    Entertainment venues, shopping at Halong with affordable prices with delicious seafood items, attractive. but you also note down carefully preserved avoid offline.
    Tai Bay, you can go sailing to natural scenic beauty with spectacular islands with several guest appearance: there are islands like dragon hovering - than he, and two chicken playing with each other on the waves water - Hon Trong Mai ....
    As trugn heart of the World Heritage Ha Long Bay is located on Bo Hon Island, Sung Sot Cave stalactites are fossils with abundant shapes.
    Tuan Chau Island is considered the most beautiful islands in Halong Bay with the most number of people. besides watching the sea, you can participate in water games very interesting.
    At night you can go horse riding cyclo or walking around the yard watching the sea and the burning feeling of relaxation
    chia se kinh nghiem di ha long
    The note when traveling Halong:
    When shopping, remember to check weight can bring water bottles to check the balance.
    When sleeping on the boat, you should not bring food or beverages onto the yacht, will be charged a very expensive service.
    When traveling, you are not littering
    Have a trip: AN Toan fun and ANNIVERSARY
    HOTLINE: 0904 51 51 29 or (+84) 789 252525
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