A25 hotel 44 hang bun A25 hotel - 57 Quang Trung street - Hanoi - Vietnam



Hotline : 0932256828
Tổng Đài : 19006925


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Services of A25 Hotel conference room at 44 Hang Bun

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Sincerely thank our customers for choosing and supporting information A25 in recent times. A25 Hotel Group expects to receive a lot of support of the customer more in the future.
A25 system provides synthetic indicate so services: accommodation, conference rooms, restaurant service, tours, airport shuttles, flights, train tickets, rent motorbikes, visa extension.
Services of A25 Hotel conference room at 44 Hang Bun is located intersects with Phan Dinh Phung,Quan Thanh and Nguyen Truong  To road with the specialties of vermicelli characterized such as:  Hanoi  vermicerlli, bean vermicelli, Snailsnoodles... .Also Conveniently close to the characteristics of scenic destinations as visiting Citadel of Thang Long, Westlake, Mausoleum.
Room service workshop at 44 Hang Bun cuaA25 Hotel with large space, modern facilities are designed according to 3-star standard workshops, conferences or group meetings for 30 people.
 For further information please contact PKD:
Tel: 024 3736 8933 ext 12 - Hotline: 0932 256 828 - 1900 6925
Email: info@a25hotel.com
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