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Tổng Đài : 19006925


Karaoke 60 Tho Nhuom

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Summer is a time for people to relax or travel, is the season that you, a relative or family pleasure fun, relax or enjoy the lively sounds, sinking into the feeling of flying, joy with friends friends and relatives of the posts Karaoke in vibrant summer day.

karaoke eg a25hotel


Karaoke at 60 Nhuom A25 located on the road Quan Su Nhuom and Hoa Lo Street, karaoke bar located opposite Hanoi Towers building, Highlands coffee. A25 at 60 Nhuom Karaoke singing luxurious rooms, modern sound in operation nearly 20 years. A25 Karaoke - sing to each other, consistent design very special theater room 02 which was only 60 Nhuom activated. When you come to, A25 karaoke you can communicate with people who sat drinking beer, cup of ... and enjoy singing the same room you sit sing.




To reserve service, you would like please contact: 024 3824 4396 or Hotline: 0936 729 008 (GD Hai)
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