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Restaurants service at 45 Phan Chu Trinh

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Sincerely thank our customers for choosing and supporting information A25 in recent times. A25 Hotel Group expects to receive a lot of support of the customer more in the future.

Hotel A25 provides general services: accommodation, conference rooms and services Restaurants, Book tour services, airport shuttle Book, flights, train tickets, car rentals, motorcycles, extension VISA card.

Services of A25 restaurant at 45 Phan Chu Trinh Hotel is located in Hanoi Railway Station, as well as Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam makes it very convenient for travel, work or travel you visit the intersection of Nguyen Extension and Quoc Tu Giam street.

Services of A25 restaurant at 45 Phan Chu Trinh Hotel with large space, modern facilities are designed according to 2-star standard facilities to organize birthdays, company parties, family intimate meal. Our team of professional chefs of the A25 serving fresh dishes, delicious and extensive menu of Asian and European style will please you.

Detailed information on restaurant services at 45 Phan Chu Trinh:

- Location: Restaurant stage1.

- Serving breakfast from 06:00 to 10:00 daily.

In addition the hotel also serves:

- Organize a party conferences, birthdays, weddings with 40 guests or fewer numbers.

- Get set for lunch, dinner under Setmenu on demand at prices from: 150,000 VND / passengers or more (for guests 15 and older).

- Price does not include 10% VAT.

A25 Hotels - Professionals in every detail!

For further information please contact PKD:

Tel: 024 3736 8933 - Hotline: 0932 256 828

Email: info@a25hotel.com

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